Why mums love coffee!

Why mums love coffee!

5 May 2019

How often have you heard something along the lines of “This Mum runs on coffee”? If you had a dollar for every time right?! As we head towards Mother’s Day, it got us thinking about Mums and coffee – and why they love it and need it so much…

A 2018 study by sleep technology brand Simba, reckons that in the first year of a baby’s life, parents get 4 hours and 44 minutes broken sleep on an average night. When you add that up – you’re losing 50 nights of sleep in total! 

64% of mums say they are amazed they managed to function as well as they did on that lack of sleep. We all know how they managed it – the magic elixir that is a cup of coffee!
When we were looking for the stats on how much sleep Mums lose with a new baby, we found some observations from a couple of Mummy Bloggers that we loved:

Cincinnati Mom’s Blog:
Why do moms love coffee so much? 
It is our cheerleader, confidant and psychologist. When I’m awake in the middle of the night with a cranky baby, my mind automatically thinks of the cup of coffee waiting for me in the morning. The magic drink that will cheer me on as I start a day filled with diapers, to-do lists, deadlines and tears. When I have a moment to myself and a cup of coffee in my hand, it somehow makes me reflect on my life. As if a shrink is sitting across the room, I mentally reflect on my blessings and talk through how to tackle my hurdles. 

Coffee is a way to enjoy chocolate, caramel and sugar without your child knowing. As a Mom with a sweet tooth, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s much easier to smuggle syrup into my coffee than it is to sneak a cookie. 

If you search Mum needs coffee on Google, there are 1000’s of tshirts, coffee cups, and keyrings, but we think what Mum really wants for Mother’s Day is something from The Fast Lane ;) We’ve got gift vouchers, pre-paid coffee cards, freshly roasted coffee beans and more! And Mum’s who drive through over Mother’s Day weekend, will get a special little treat from us!

Next time the kids have kept you up all night – whether they’re babies or teenagers – we’ll help you get through the day with a nice hot cup of The Fast Lane coffee!