It takes courage to change things in your life that aren't working and the fact that you are reading this means you are serious about taking the next step in finding a career that satisfies you! After all, you spend the majority of your week in the workplace so it makes complete sense to want that workplace to be fulfilling, exciting, flexible and your own!

If you're feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated, routinely ask yourself 'is this all there is?' and are ready to invest in your own happiness, family and future then the Fast Lane Drive-Thru Coffee might just be for you.

We're searching for self-motivated, driven, enthusiastic and hard working team players who are excited at the prospect of owning their own business to help us take the Fast Line Drive-Thru Coffee to the next level.

The best part? You won't be alone! With a successful model in place, established franchises and a passionate HQ team behind you, the 'where to start', 'what to do' and 'how to do it' have all been taken care of.

Sound like you? Well, we want you!! Not just anybody.....

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Franchising FAQ

What is the total franchise investment and ongoing costs?

A. The initial investment guide is $200,000 (but may vary from site)

The ongoing royalties are: Franchise service fee: 4% Marketing fee: 2%

What training and support is provided?

You will be trained by a highly experienced and credible drive-thru coffee team (baristas) and will have the opportunity to absorb knowledge from business experts.

Training consists of 5 days at Head Office /company drive-thru, followed by comprehensive training onsite before doors open for trading and then 5 days onsite after opening. You will receive training on our POS systems. The training fee paid in your initial franchise fee covers the cost of training only; it does not cover travel and accommodation.

This is at your own expense and you will be required to organise it. You will also receive on-going training and support via a Suite of Operations Manuals. This will assist with the day to day operations of your business.

What is The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffees point of difference?

We pride ourselves on always offering remarkable customer service, creating an enjoyable experience for our customers every time. This is achieved through creating a warm welcoming environment, conveniently and efficiently distributing their order and ensuring we always use quality products. With our very own signature coffee blend, we can ensure quality control.

Our strong support coupled with our years of hands-on experience is the perfect base for developing a robust and successful franchise network.

Will The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee franchise team find the location and fit-out the store?

We will provide you with a guideline as to the key features a desirable location would possess. We can assist with the process but ultimately you, as the franchisee, are to find a suitable location in which to open a Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee franchise.

What are the hours of operation?

Currently, company-owned stores operate the following hours: Monday-Friday: 6.30 AM – 5 PM Saturday: 6.30 AM – 1 PM Sunday: 8 AM – 12 PM

We recognise that in locations with a dense population, such as the outskirts of a capital city, would require different operating hours so this will be taken into consideration.

Operating hours will be discussed in greater detail with you during training and finalised with the franchisor and franchisee prior to opening for trading.

Can a franchisee own more than one location?

It will also be dependent on your defined territory.

Does The Fast Lane Drive Thru offer financing?

No, we do not offer financing to franchisees.

How long is the franchise agreement?

The Franchise Agreement is 5 years plus 5+5 years.

How much money can a franchisee expect to earn?

Earnings from The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee franchise can vary widely. Success is based on a number of factors; the most important of which is the excellence in operational standards upheld by the franchisee and their ability to follow our tried and tested systems and procedures which are into place at each franchise location. There are risks involved in starting any new business and earnings are not predictable.