Happy (in a Cup) Father's Day

Happy (in a Cup) Father's Day

26 August 2019

You only have to look at the Father’s Day present section of any gift shop, supermarket or department store to know that Dads and coffee go hand in hand. There’s always plenty of mugs with funny or thoughtful sayings on them “I have a hero, I call him Dad” “World’s Best FarterFather”, “My favourite people call me Dad” “Dear Dad, thanks for putting up with a spoiled, ungrateful, messy child like my sibling. Love, your favourite” – the list goes on!

We talked about why Mums need coffee in our May blog but we know it’s important Dad fuel too!

A study published this year in the Sleep journal from scientists at the University of Warwick found that sleep duration and satisfaction didn’t return to levels before pregnancy, for up to 6 years. 

While Mum’s traditionally are the ones who lose the most sleep (an hour less a night), Dads on average lose around 15 minutes a night when they have a newborn. Interestingly, the study found that years later, the figure dropped to 20 minutes a night less sleep for Mums but still 15 minutes less for Dads.

And then when the kids get older, there’s the late-night pick-ups from their after-work job, the calls in the middle of the night to get picked up from a party – jobs that often fall to Dad.

What does this all equal – Dads who need coffee! 

Mums – if the Dad in your house is a bit forgetful, we found something coffee related that might help too. 

Researchers from John Hopkins University found that caffeine can boost your memory. They discovered that participants who took a caffeine tablet after a study session scored better on a memory test 24 hours later, than those who had no caffeine. Who wants a caffeine tablet though – get that memory boost from a freshly brewed coffee!

At The Fast Lane, we are famous for our award winning, in-house roasted beans, ensuring no matter which of our locations you get a cup of our coffee from, it will always have that same Fast Lane taste! You can grab Dad a gift card or pre-paid card as part of his Father’s Day gift this year, or if you’re going to get him one of those mugs we mentioned – make sure you get some freshly roasted beans from our drive-thru to go with it!

We know that coffee isn’t the only favourite Dad drink either, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page and drop in to your local Fast Lane over the Father’s Day weekend for a different kind of drink related gift – on us!