A coffee lovers Christmas

A coffee lovers Christmas

6 December 2017

Christmas is such a wonderful time – filled with friends, family, food and plenty of festivities – but let’s not forget those little twinges of stress as December slips away from us and we find ourselves in a mad panic on what to buy everyone, crazy Aunt Margaret included.

Fun fact though, about 83 per cent of adults’ drink coffee – so, we figured it’s safe to say there’s going to be a coffee lover or two somewhere in your life, and with that knowledge we’re saying catch you later to Christmas stress.

You see while coffee lovers are a special breed – charismatic, energetic, warm and focused - soap and knick-knacks just won’t cut for them, but there are plenty of things that will.

What you ask? Well, we’ve compiled a list that will impress even the most disconcerting coffee lover in your life, so much so that crazy Aunt Margaret might even find a spot for you in the will.

Here goes…

Coffee scented candles

A twist on the traditional ‘I have no idea what to buy so I’ll just get her a candle’ idea, this one is at least a bit personal with a scent you know they’ll love (after all, literally gets them up and going every morning.)

Custom reusable cup

Because who doesn’t love the idea of their own special cup to drink their morning coffee out of while saving the environment? Got one step further with the addition of a custom slogan on the cup, we’re loving “the coffee is strong in this one” or “coffee because adulting is hard”, but the options here are truly endless. Get creative!

Side note – we’ll happily make your morning coffee in your reusable cup and even rinse it out beforehand if you ask extra nice.  

Espresso martini cocktail kit

Because the only thing better than your morning coffee on a Friday is your evening coffee mixed with a little hint of happy (or vodka and coffee liqueur as the recipe likes to call it). You can’t fail with option. We’re sure of it!

Digital scales

No, not to weigh yourself, let’s kick that concept to the kerb straight up. We’re talking scales for the kitchen for the days you have to make coffee at home. Digital scales mean you’ll have the help you need to weigh out beans and water for that perfect cup of brew, so it’s delicious and consistent every time.

Body scrub

Word on street is that there’s coffee body scrub concoctions on the market that can detoxify your skin, bust cellulite, fade stretch marks and just generally bright and soften your skin. And of all that sounds damn great to us! And if you’re feeling particularly crafty you can make a version yourself using old coffee grinds and our good friend Dr. Google.

and in a shameless plug for ourselves

Don’t forget that The Fast Lane Drive-Thru Coffee sells gift vouchers, prepaid coffee cards, freshly roasted coffee beans and more. They’re be at the top of our wish-list this Christmas, just saying.

Happy gifting and Merry Christmas!