Wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee

21 May 2018

Now, we know you love the taste, but have you ever wondered how our liquid gold comes to be?

We take good coffee seriously, so seriously that we even source and roast our own beans. Our particular blend of Arabica beans is sourced from South America, Africa and Asia and roasted weekly in our Dubbo roastery  to ensure freshness. We roast on the darker side to really develop our flavours and this also helps with our coffees stability in milks like soy (who wants a curdled coffee)!

It’s a good question really, how do you turn something so flavourless into something so delicious? And amazingly, to create all the chemical reactions needed for our perfect roast, all we have to do is add heat in a controlled and set manner. Not always that simple.. factors such as age/type of beans, weather conditions, size and moisture content of beans can all affect our final product. 

Courtney our trusty roaster has her computer connected to our baby Roastmax roaster and continually monitors the bean temperature and adjust airflow and gas supply throughout the roasting process. Each batch takes about 16 minutes and we can produce 30 kgs of coffee per hour.

There are three main phases of roasting: 

  • Drying stage

The coffee bean has some humidity within, they need to be dried before the actual roasting starts. This is done by being dropped into the drum with the gas adjusted throughout to ensure the beans do not burn. The drying stage is also important for collecting energy for the bean(endothermic) 

  • Browning stage 

As the browning stage starts the Maillard reaction begins. In the Maillard reaction, sugars reduce and amino acids react making hundreds of different aroma and colour compounds. This is the stage when the roast naturally slows down, and by the end the coffee starts to pop - this is called the first crack.

  • Development stage 

In the beginning of the development stage the reaction becomes exothermic and the coffee continues to crack. During the drying and browning stages the bean has collected energy that makes the coffee to explode, whereas the development time allows the desired aroma compounds to expand. We carefully monitor the bean temps and colour to achievethe same roast profile time and time again

The coffee is then dumped, bagged sorted and delivered.

Team this with a trained barista and fast, easy service and what do you have? Happy in a cup!

And if you need to take a little piece of that happy in a cup home, we even sell our freshly roasted beans by the bag - hello coffee heaven...See you in the morning…