Maryborough, we’re on our way!

Maryborough, we’re on our way!

30 October 2018

Maryborough locals will soon be deliciously caffeinated by The Fast Lane Drive-Thru Coffee and we’re so excited to open our drive through lane in early December. Before venturing to the sunny Fraser Coast, we didn’t know the extent of the colourful history here at Maryborough – from being named after the river that runs through (which was named after Lady Mary Lennox who then died in a coach accident just months later) to the birth place of the author of Mary Poppins, you’ve got some stories to tell Maryborough and we’re eager to listen!

We’ll be able to confirm the exact opening date soon, but you’ll then find us at 302 Alice St, serving coffee on the daily. But where did this whole ‘Fast Lane’ start you may ask? And just who is behind it? Well, we thought we’d do a little Q&A to introduce you to our Queen of Coffee (and TFL owner), Paula Anderson. 

Before I started TFL I was… a little lost. 

My inspiration for starting TFL was… creating a niche business that I could expand.

With 6 sites across NSW and QLD, I decided to take on Maryborough because… we were approached by a proactive landlord and the space was perfect for us…we plan to fill in the gaps between our Rockhampton and Maryborough sites with more Fast Lanes.

The response since we’ve announced we’re heading to Maryborough has been… Really, really exciting... our Facebook posts have been well liked and interaction has been high. We have also been overwhelmed with applicants to work with us.

What I think Maryborough will love the most about TFL is…Our friendly service, great coffee and great in car convenience.

Our best-selling product has always been… large CAP 3 sugars!

The best thing about going to work each day is…making coffee, having fun with our customers and of course drinking coffee.

My favourite customer memory is…a regular who would save up all her free coffees on her VIP card and drop them into us to pass onto someone else

The weirdest order I’ve ever taken is… nothing is weird anymore

I take my coffee…small Flat White with a Milk Lab Almond Milk.

The next thing on my to-do list is…sites atHervey Bay, Bundaberg and Gladstone in no particular order.

I live by the quote… this too will pass.

And if I’m not busying running TFL, you’ll find me… with my family and friends… usually thinking about the Fast Lane!  

We cannot wait to officially welcome the Maryborough site to the Fast Lane family, get ready!