Guilt free coffee!

Guilt free coffee!

19 March 2019

You might have heard recently that in Hobart they are looking at becoming Australia’s first place to ban single use plastics. It got us thinking about what the public reaction would be if the same thing was introduced into NSW and QLD. 

Did you know at The Fast Lane we are already well ahead of our time when it comes to environmentally friendly packaging? Yep – when you get one of our coffees, you’re getting it in a BioPak cup that is compostable, and a lid that this is recyclable!

The paper used in our cups comes from managed plantations and they’re coated with Ingeo, a plant based bio plastic.  It means that the BioPak cups we use can be composted along with food scraps. That’s right – you can chuck the cup into the kitchen caddy or green bin in Dubbo and Maryborough, while in Wagga and Rockhampton, BioPak say you could try your home compost, as many customers have successfully composted BioCups in their home compost and worm farms. As for the lids – they can go straight into the appropriate recycling bin.

In Maryborough we’re also trialling BioPak Cold Cups for our Freezies and milkshakes – and they’ll be coming to our other stores this year! Plus, we are working on lid alternatives that are not only recyclable but compostable too. 

We’re all trying to be conscious of our impact on the environment and feel a bit guilty if we leave our reusable coffee cup at home, but your coffee is guilt free at The Fast Lane! 

We could go into the science of what BioPak do, but here’s all you need to know – when you buy a coffee from us, chuck the cup into the compost and in 8 weeks it will be fully broken down. 

The cups are also carbon neutral because BioPak reduce where possible and offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions associated with their products and operations.

If you shout the office a coffee and get a cup tray – there’s no worries there either – our cup trays are made from 100% recycled paper pulp.

It’s true happy in a cup – just remember to throw the cup in the compost and the lid in the recycling! 

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