Doing good, creates good.

Doing good, creates good.

3 August 2018

It’s safe to say we’ve all heard the term ‘what goes around, comes around’ and there’s always a whole lot of good going around at The Fast Lane. Here’s but a few tales of some of our awesome customers….

Tracy, our Wagga franchise, introduced one of their customers, Alan, on Instagram last year as “the sweetest man alive” – every Sunday Alan delivers doughnuts to The Fast Lane team, and tidies the gardens all out of kindness. 
Our Dubbo franchisee shared the story of a local customer, Peter, who every day, without fail will shout a coffee for the car behind him at The Fast Lane – every day! 
And Patti, our franchisee in Rocky, has an equally wonderful customer, Linda, who several times a week will shout a coffee for the car next in line. 

And that’s just the tip of the kindness iceberg here!

Random acts of kindness don't just benefit the ones you gift, but also help your own mental health - studies have shown that developing a habit of kindness reduces pain, stress, anxiety and depression. In one study, almost 50 percent of participants reported feeling stronger and having more energy after helping others, with reports of greater feelings of calmness and a huge boost in their self-esteem.

So here at The Fast Lane, we challenge you to do one small good deed today, whether that be to shout the person behind you a coffee or pay $10 extra at the petrol station for the next customer – no matter how big or small, doing good, creates good. One act of small kindness can release an enormous chain of positive events - the miracle of kindness is that it is contagious and something we should all want to pass on and spread to many others.

And, interestingly the simple witnessing of others being kind can release the same “feel good” chemicals that doing an act of kindness can produce, so lead by example and we can guarantee you will make someone’s day… and your own!