Do you know your mocha from your macchiato?

Do you know your mocha from your macchiato?

18 March 2018

Think we’re talking about a mood when we say flat white?
Or that we’re learning a musical instrument when we mention piccolo?
Well, think again... we’re just talking coffee!

But with so many options on the menu, we know it can get hard to decipher exactly what you’re looking for in your morning brew, so we thought we’d put together this handy little list of the most common coffees. That way the next time you find yourself turning down your music in the drive through so you can think long and hard about whether it’s a mocha or macchiato morning, you’ll know exactly what you are ordering - and can avoid those forehead stress lines too!

Cappuccino – a classic really, I mean is there anything a cappuccino can’t fix? You’ll recognise this coffee by the quantity of foam served on top of the drink – generally it will be espresso, steamed milk and a 1.5 cm of froth. And don’t forget the delicious chocolate sprinkle!

Latte – because who doesn’t sound fancy ordering one of these? The general rule of thumb for a latte is espresso, steamed milk and just 1 cm of froth... depending on the barista there might even be an artistic little pattern on top.

Flat White – but it will still give you that coffee high! The aim of a flat white is generally to serve an espresso based drink with steamed milk and minimal froth.

Mocha – for when you need a little indulgence. This drink combines rich chocolate and bold coffee perfectly blended with latte style steamed milk, a perfect fix if you ask us!

Short Black/Espresso – the foundation of everything we do. It’s also just a single (or double for the really keen) shot of coffee for those looking for a real hit.

Macchiato – that same short black hit toned down slightly. Basically, a short black with just a dollop of steamed milk and foam to even out the taste of a straight espresso shot.

Long Black – forget about the milk here. It’s just one third espresso shot, two thirds hot water and a whole lot of coffee flavour. 

Piccolo like a little latte shot. Seriously! This coffee is served in an espresso sized cup and is a simple shot with steamed milk and a touch of foam, but all mini!

And while you’re probably thinking we left affogato off the list, we didn’t. I mean, how could we? It the dessert of coffee lover’s dream (closely followed by tiramisu…) but this simple espresso shot over a scoop of ice cream (or without a shot a coffee liquor for those adults playing at home) isn’t something our TFL sites offer.. and we didn’t want to go getting your hopes up. Our coffee freezie, however, is the next best thing… and without the alcohol so you can still drive-thru!

We can’t wait to hear your next order...why not mix it up a little…. see you in the morning!