10 years of 'Happy In A Cup'

10 years of 'Happy In A Cup'

14 November 2019

If you’ve been following along on social media this month you’ve no doubt seen that we are celebrating our 10thbirthday and to be precise, this Sunday, November 17, marks exactly 10 years to the day that Bultje St opened its drive thru and welcome its first customer. There’s a lot we could say to mark this celebration, but we thought we would leave it to the lady who knows, and loves The Fast Lane the most – our founder, Paula.

10 Years On….

I was asked to write a few words to mark our humble drive thru turning 10.

Reluctant as usual to be in the spotlight, I was unsure as to what to say.

YES, our first customer drove thru Bultje St 10 years ago

YES, we have learnt to roast our own coffee

YES, we have franchised

YES, we have 9 current sites, 3 awesome franchisees and 2 company owned sites and 50 super staff

YES, it has been stressful, fun, worrying, exhilarating, nerve wracking and stupendous

YES, we have made people smile

YES, we have disappointed them too

YES, we can get it wrong

BUT YES, we have done OK!! 

A huge congrats to us and a bigger thank you to all that have been part of our journey

Here’s to the next 10 years

Happy 10th Birthday to The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee

Paula xx

Now, if you haven’t already, drop by your local site and celebrate with our team – we’re giving a whopping $10,000 away this month to one lucky coffee lover and who knows… it could be you!