Working with Children (specifically my own!)

Working with Children (specifically my own!)

5 February 2018

What was I thinking? Was it an ego trip? Was I the ultimate provider and protector of my children? Was I doing them a favour? Was I being a helicopter mum and not believing that they could go out and get their own casual school job? Was I too lazy to recruit other young staff? Did I secretly want them to take over the family business?

Whatever the reason, I went down that track with each of my 3 children and each of them were sacked and reinstated numerous times. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!

My fairytale life where we all worked and lived together with mutual respect did rear its head at times… we laughed, we joked, we listened to each other (whilst still appreciating that I was the boss) and we worked harmoniously and hard in the family business. This was interspersed with moodiness, back chatting, snapping, “discussions” about work around the dinner table and the ability to never be able to call in sick as their boss knew where they slept.

The confidence I had in myself as an “ok” boss teetered whenever I expected too much of them and may not have been as understanding of them as other employees. There was the blur at times between helping mum out as opposed to doing overtime and being the boss's child versus a workmate. My poor husband would cringe at the words “what happened at work today?" We were passionate and had each other's back in a weird and at times nepotistic way.

They are all now in the process of finding their own way in the world... and thankfully away from mum’s apron. I do believe, however, they do have an amazing work ethic and have a greater perspective of the employer's/business owner's point of view. Hopefully it wasn't all bad!

Do I still have visions of us all working together in some bizarre Brady Bunch way? You bet I do!

I love them dearly and would do it all again... or would I?