'Tis the season

'Tis the season

17 December 2017

I find it difficult to be politically correct around Christmas time and have struggled with this blog as I realise that not everyone shares my Christmas experience and enthusiasm… I also have perhaps a little guilt that I actually haven't been to church on Christmas Day for the past few years!
Nevertheless, my catholic/western world upbringing gets me involved in the Christmas scene wholeheartedly and I shamelessly love it - warts and all!

The beginning of December, for me, sees a palpable change in the energy of myself, my family, my work colleagues, my customers and my whole universe. I love seeing the city all decorated, hearing the carols in the shops and love, love doing my gift shopping. I love the idea of families and friends getting together, the giving and receiving of gifts and the idea of a holiday to get people to stop for a while. Superficial, commercial? Perhaps, but I am OK with that. Tis the season to be jolly…

Workwise that comes with the annual work Christmas party… one of the best nights of the year! It gave me an opportunity to thank my staff for their exceptional work throughout the year.

Now that I have sold the two Dubbo franchises I won’t get to play with everyone on the same scale and that’s something I am so going to miss this year.
Brett and I for the past few years have combined our workplaces and had such fun times. We have had scavenger hunts around the streets of Dubbo, art classes, Christmas light tours, a night at the Old Dubbo Gaol and a Zoolander themed Bus tour to Albert. It was actually getting more challenging every year to top the last one!

On the homefront, the festive energy can be a little overwhelming. We can have laughs, tears and all emotions in between and that is often with just putting our Christmas tree up. My sister sent me a photo of her beautiful Christmas tree actually put up late November with the message: 
“We couldn’t wait. We did have one casualty, courtesy of Jesse… Mummy’s new bauble was broken. There’s been kids fighting, mum’s yelling and dad’s hiding. Such a magical time of year.” Haha!

The magic then culminates on Christmas Day with the family get together and like they say “things can go either way.” We can either be exhausted and glad for the break or still energised and keen for the celebrations to continue. The only problems arise when we are not all on the same wavelength (or Santa has forgotten to bring batteries!!!)

That being said… I am glad that Christmas comes only once a year and do so love the boxing day rest… and the yearly amnesia that allows us to get excited again next Christmas.

Merry Christmas to All!