The two business and three school age children family

26 October 2017

The Beginning:
“I am soo proud of you, I know you weren’t happy in your job and know that this business is just what you need. It’s great that I have my own business too as I can have the flexibility to help out”

The Middle (sometimes):
“I need you home at 5 as I have to open the restaurant”
“Yeah sure”
“Where are You? Its 4.50?”
“Just finishing off something.. I will meet you at the restaurant”
“F_____, come on kids, in the car and bring some toys”
“Hey… stop wrestling, don’t make a mess, you can’t still be hungry, Dad will be here soon (expletive, expletive!!!)

The End:
There are various ends to this scenario.
Hire a nanny
Sell your business
Go to marriage counselling
Compromise, compromise, compromise
The list goes on….

Change is never easy and having two business minded lunatics under the one roof and 3 great, but active children has its challenges. For me, my first business wasn't the best time and I sold out my share to my business partner after a couple of years. That being said, I would still have done it, but now, older and wiser perhaps I would do things differently.

How you might ask? Firstly, I would let go of the mother guilt that one of us should be with the kids all the time and the ego that limited my ability to compromise - I saw my husband's sometimes poor time management as a reflection that he didn’t value my business (and me). Looking back, I should have been grateful for all that he did, lowered my expectations and outsource as much stuff as I could! The beauty of hindsight, hey?

You will be pleased to hear that business number two, a few years later with older children and a more mature marriage (yes to same man) has really hit the spot and we are all soo happy!

Until next time...