The First Day... Failures and Fanfares!

The First Day... Failures and Fanfares!

27 November 2017

Ok, it’s opening day… you've worked so hard, thought of everything, planned, polished, perfected, had countless sleepless nights, ate too many comfort foods and drank too many wines. And because of this or in spite of this... opening day has arrived and it is one of the coolest feelings in the world.

Up early looking fresh and foxy, bounding into work super peachy keen with visions of a record breaking/world beating start to your start up! What happens in the next few hours can make or break some of us. Expectation versus reality can go either way and how we justify this will be a testament to our inherent resilience and emotional intelligence. Day one events are also no direct correlation to how successful the business will ultimately be. There are pros and cons to both a super first day and a less than ideal start.

I have had the pleasure and pain of both types of Day One and have survived and prospered regardless. The crazy busy day one is fraught with yes more money in the till but accompanied with inexperienced staff and virgin procedures being flung at excited and sometimes perfectionist customers… finding you overwhelmed and putting out spot fires left, right and centre. The free “next time you are in” voucher is always handy to have on the ready! Day's end finds you, perhaps exhausted and in a heap, eating carbs and drinking wine.

The less than ideal start poses another form of stress… less money the till, wastage perhaps on stock and wages but hopefully extremely satisfied customers as you have the time to perfect your product and a slower rise to fame! The free “next time you are in” vouchers are still handy to drum up more business and days end may still find you eating carbs and drinking wine worrying how you are going to pay the rent!

But you have survived and it’s all yours…and tomorrow is another day, how cool is that!