October 2017

The two business and three school age children family

26 October 2017

The Beginning:
“I am soo proud of you, I know you weren’t happy in your job and know that this business is just what you need. It’s great that I have my own business too as I can have the flexibility to help out”

The Middle (sometimes):
“I need you home at 5 as I have to open the restaurant”
“Yeah sure”
“Where are You? Its 4.50?”
“Just finishing off something.. I will meet you at the restaurant”
“F_____, come on kids, in the car and bring some toys”
“Hey… stop wrestling, don’t make a mess, you can’t still be hungry, Dad will be here soon (expletive, expletive!!!)

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Where to Start?

12 October 2017

Opening your own business can be daunting, exhilarating, scary, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, successful, not so successful and completely wonderful. It’s not for the feint hearted and working for someone else can be the safer option... BUT it was not for me. I think I must have been a slave or incarcerated in a previous life (if you are into that sort of thing), I felt trapped being in a traditional workplace and needed to have flexibility in my life. The fact that my brain never turns off about my business is irrelevant… I am in charge now!

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